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Our kids are exposed to electronic media everywhere they turn. One study shows that even in low income  families, about 97 percent have access to media, whether it be TV, smart phones, or tablets. 77 percent of 2 year olds regularly watch videos, play games or use apps on a mobile device daily!! https://www.aap.org/en-us/about-the-aap/aap-press-room/Pages/Young-Children-Have-Almost-Universal-Exposure-to-Mobile-Media-Devices.aspx . Electronics are being used as a reward for chores, to keep children calm in public areas or while running errands, or to put their kids to sleep. Studies show children today are exposed to electronic media up to 7 hours a day!

This excessive use can lead to attention problems, school difficulties, sleeping and eating disorders, and obesity. https://www.aap.org/en-us/advocacy-and-policy/aap-health-initiatives/pages/media-and-children.aspx.  AAP recommends limiting electronic media to no more than 1-2 hours a day and encourage high quality content for children and teens. Use of media in bedroom should be discouraged to promote free play. Children need to play outdoors, read, and use imagination! Electronic media should completely be avoided in children under the age of 2. The brain is rapidly growing and developing and learns best by interacting with people, not screens.